Biała Podlaska is one of the major cities In Lubelskie voivodeship, with a population of  50,000 people. It is situated in Southern Podlasie, close to the Belarusian border.




The easiest way to reach Poland from more distant countries is by air. There are many flights to Warsaw – capital city of Poland, from all major airports in Europe.




Warsaw is located 150 km away from Biała Podlaska. To get here from the capital, you can take a train or a bus (Garden Service).



(bus stop - Plac Defilad 1 located next to Palace of Culture and Science) (the ticket costs 28 zł = 6 euro)


L - doesn't run 25th-26th December, 1st January, Easter
1-7 - runs all week
156 - runs Monday, Friday, Saturday


A - Train Station

B - Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education main building

C - Bus Station (Garden Service)



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