Pope John Paul II State School Of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska was founded on August 1, 2000 and initially it had 345 students pursuing 4 specializations.


Today it boasts over 3500 students in 17 fields of study and over 40 specializations. Most of them are enrolled in Bachelor's programmes, however there are 6 Master's level programmes. Since 2013 there has been changes in University structure – Department of Economics and Technical Sciences, and Department of Health and Social Sciences have been established.


Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biala Podlaska is modern, major institution of higher education in the region. In the recent years, our school has been rapidly getting resources to develop not only educational facilities, but also to improve the scientific activities of its academic staff and students.

prof. Józef Biergier
Rector of Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education


Within its 16 years of existence PSW has granted itself a high position among other Polish colleges of higher vocational education. Currently, PSW is on the 1st place in Poland in a nationwide ranking of colleges by "Perspektywy and Rzeczpospolita" – national opinion-making magazines in Poland.

We are committed to providing high quality university education, initiating academic research and supporting the development and growth of our region and becoming a cultural center in Biała Podlaska.

PSWBP has recently opened two reaserch centres - Innovation Research Centre (opened in 2012) and EKO-AGRO-TECH Reaserch Centre (openeed in 2014).

Within the reaserch activity of Innovation Reasech Centre we would like to invite to cooperation all scientific instututions, interested in the implementation of research and development work in the following areas of research carried out in laboratories:
- Department of Health: diagnostic and epidemiological research on infectious diseases. At present research is conducted in the field of tuberculosis and Lyme disease.
- Department of Computer Science, where research is focused on the development of optical techniques of collecting and processing information.
- Department of Civil Engineering, where the main area of ​​research and a basic implementation activities is renewable energy.


26 September 2014 there was a ceremonial opening of the Regional Research Centre for Environment, Food and innovative technologies EKO-AGRO-TECH.
Within this center following laboratories have started researches:
- Laboratory of Environmental Analyses (Geoenvironmental analysis and environmental testing in the field of building physics),
- Biological and Nutrition Analyses
- Mechanics, Construction and Operation of Machines.

The activities of the Regional Research Centre is a huge incentive for businesses to invest in modern and innovative solutions designed to improve and increase competitiveness carried out by the local business entrepreneurs.

Organization structure of PSWBP:

1. Faculty of Economics and Technical Sciences

  • Department of Economics and Management
          Finance and Accounting;
          National Security;
          Spatial Development / Urban Planning;
  • Department of Technical Sciences
          Civil Engineering;
          Information Technology;
          Mechanical Engineering;

2. Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

  • Department of Physical Culture and Phisiotherapy
          Tourism and Recreation;
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
          English Philology;
          Russian Philology;
  • Department of Health
          Public Health;
          Emergency Rescue Medicine;
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