Szanowni studenci!  Uniwersytet w Peczu na Węgrzech zaprasza do zapoznania się ze swoja ofertą Szkół Letnich przeznaczonych dla studentów zagranicznych uczelni partnerskich. Międzynarodowe Szkoły Letnie zaplanowane są na okres wakacyjny, każda z nich kończy się nadaniem certifikatu potwierdzającego udział i przyznane punkty ECTS. Poniżej oferta i opis poszczególnych kursów.



Come to the heart of Europe, to Hungary and gain credits while you learn and have lots of fun this summer! In 2017 the University of Pécs, the oldest and one of the largest universities of Hungary announces the following exciting and unique summer programs:


Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program

Date: July 1 –30

The Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program is designed to train and mentor participants from diverse disciplines to get involved in improving their own and their peers' entrepreneurial mind-set.

Social programs: City Tour, Celebration of 4 July, Wine Tasting, Hungarian Cooking Competition

Who should apply: Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines

Language of instruction: English

Earned credits: 15 ECTS credits, 10 USD credits



Pécs Debate Academy Summer School and Culture Week

'University Education and Student Life in the 21st Century'

Date:  July 28 – August 6

Join our Pécs Debate Academy Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the hot topics of today's higher education! Do you want to make your opinion heard?  Come and improve your debating skills with us, using the most effective content, style, speed, tone and volume! Our unique Debate Academy Summer School uses a mixed methodology.  Not only will you learn about issues of higher education from experts of the field, but also have the opportunity to develop your speaking skills and learn to argue according to the techniques of the British Parliamentary Debate style.

Social programs: Concert, cultural and interactive events such as concerts, country presentations, sport contests, social night, field trip, sightseeing

Who should apply: Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students

Language of instruction: English

Earned credits: 6 ECTS credits



POP UP Music Camp

Date: June 16 -21

Short description:

Are you a festival-goer and interested in learning how to organize a pop festival? Come to Pécs, our Hungarian Liverpool and home to many very popular Hungarian rock bands!  Learn how to organize a pop music festival like the professionals do! Pécs has an immense atmosphere of pop music - you can sense the music here!

Join our unique Music Camp and learn from professional festival organizers and musicians how to: 1. organize and promote a music festival 2. create visual effects 3. perform your own music on stage

Participants will have a special opportunity to follow and participate in the preparation of the amazing pop music festival, Fishing on Orfű.

Social programs: The night-off programs will include concerts and participation in the various ongoing cultural events in Pécs.

Who should apply: Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students

Language of instruction: English

Earned credits: 2 ECTS credits



Personal Development Training

Date: June 26–28

Apply to our Personal Development training if you would like to learn about yourself, to be able to identify your strengths and values, and build and communicate your personal brand. This training will also help you improve your communication and debate skills and teach you how to enter the job market successfully.

Social programs: City tour, welcome and farewell party, karaoke party

Who should apply: Undergraduate and graduate students who would like to increase self-esteem in everyday life and entering the labor market

Language of instruction: English

Earned credits: 3 ECTS credits



New Borders Between Old Neighbours – Return Of History In The Danube Region?

DRC Summer School

Date: July 2-9

Join our DRC Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the political, economic and social challenges of the Danube Region!

Do you have research results about the Danube region that you would like to share? Or would you just like to express your thoughts and learn from experts? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the region? What does the future hold? Register if you are interested in the region's political, economic, historical and social processes - discover our workshops and present your idea and research.

Social programs: sightseeing, wine-tasting, excursions

Who should apply: BA, MA, PhD level scientists from Social, Human and Political Sciences

Language of instruction: English

Earned credits: 10 ECTS credits



Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University

Date: July 24 - August 20 (4-week-long course)

July 24 - August 6 (2-week-long course)

Short description:

Would you like to learn Hungarian in an interesting, effective and playful way? Apply to our Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University to learn not only the language but also to receive up-to-date information about Hungarian culture, cuisine, traditions and much more! All in a very amusing way, in small multicultural groups. Learn our unique and very interesting language in the natural language environment and learn more than just a language!

Social programs: trips to the countryside, sports programs, hiking, cultural programs including making traditional handcrafted artifacts, learning folk dances, experiencing Hungarian gastronomy and wine tasting.

Who should apply: anyone who is interested in speaking Hungarian

Language of instruction: Hungarian (English)

Earned credits: 13.5 ECTS / 9 ECTS credits


Our Summer Schools are learning AND tremendous fun! Find something related to your degree or to your interest! Join our Summer Schools and invite your friends, too!

Pécs is one of the most beautiful Central European cities, with a rich culture dating back to the Roman Empire. You can actually visit building foundations and burial ground as old as the 4th century in our historic yet modern city. Beautiful architecture and artwork can be found down every street. There are many festivals that occur regularly throughout the year. In fact, our city was designated to be a European Capital of Culture in 2010. It is a vibrant yet peaceful, safe and student friendly UniverCity.

The University of Pécs, founded in 1367, is also the oldest and one of the largest research universities in Hungary. With ten schools and 20,000 students, the University plays a significant role in Hungarian higher education. It is a truly international university in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe with our first English-taught degree program launched over 30 years ago. Today, the University of Pécs offers more than 40 degree programs taught in English with more than 3,800 international students coming from 105 different countries.

Our university offers a

•         very reasonable program fee

•         gorgeous, vibrant location

•         a safe environment

Our courses are very high quality and professionally relevant which will enhance your resume along with providing the other benefits gained by participating in a summer program.

Please find more details about our Pécs Summer School  programs in the attached brochure and on our website:

You can also follow us on Facebook at Pécs Summer School 2017.

This unique Pécs Summer School Program awaits you! Don't miss the opportunity!

For your application or questions, please, contact Dr. Gyöngyi Pozsgai, International Relations Co-ordinator, Centre for International Relations at Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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